Updating Your Wardrobe for Spring

Spring Wardrobe Refresh

Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring should be everyone’s regimen twice a year. Even if its just a chance to get garments cleaned and pressed. Like your car, your clothing needs some TLC.

We teach our clients that the key to a great wardrobe is the ability to reach for any outfit and be confident that everything fits great, is current and most importantly is interchangeable with other pieces (such as jackets with several pants, coordinating shirts, ties, etc.) That takes thoughtful and careful planning just your like businesses.

Concierge In Home Consultation

Many of our clients rely on us to visit them at home and organize their closet. Its an education process but also a great way to provide essential service needs to their clothing.

Our wardrobe review means:

  • Trying on each piece to see if they need alteration or donation.
  • Organizing your closet.
  • Digital pictures will be taken for a complete library of your wardrobe to assess recommendations on where to fill in.
  • Providing matching hangers for a uniform look.


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Self Help

If you prefer to do it yourself, here are some tips.

  • Take digital pictures of the suits, shirts, jackets & pants that you currently like to wear and send them to us.
  • Separate all the suits, shirts, jackets & pants that you have not worn in the past year (or two) and bring them to us for a worthwhile alteration or donation.
  • A complete digital picture library of your wardrobe will then be assessed to make recommendations on where to fill in.


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