Custom Details

Custom Details

Custom Details Pic CropWhat really makes a garment special? In our book, it is the intricate details that enhance the finished garment, not necessarily to make it garish or soon to be obsolete, but subtle nuances that makes your garment extra special. For example, each jacket that we make is constructed with a canvas chest piece (between the fabric and the lining) that is individually shaped by our pressers to your body thus making it truly yours. It is a time consuming process, but the end result is a jacket that feels like a second skin. It is something that outwardly you will not see, but will appreciate the comfort.

THE ART of CUSTOM comprises three key elements to our clients and any one without the other would defeat the purpose of custom clothing.

FABRIC By aligning ourselves with some of the best cloth mills in the world, such as Scabal, Loro Piana, Zegna, Ariston and Cerruti just to name a few, our seasonal fabric collections are durable, travel friendly and geared around your lifestyles. Our “90% No Repeat” policy also ensures that we only make one garment from each fabric, thus making your selections unique.

FIT With over thirty individual measurements, including your posture and shoulder slope, we meticulously create a pattern that is molded to your body. Only this way can we create a suit that fits perfectly, not almost fit. With over one hundred years of combined tailoring experience, Davide & Giuseppe Cotugno personally train each Clothing Consultant to measure and fit you correctly.

FINISH Working buttonholes, pic stitch lapels and pocket flaps, even coordinating buttonhole thread truly finish off a bespoke garment. It’s what makes a suit more than just ordinary and stamps your own individuality.


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